concierge LA

Concierge LA offers convenience for Los Angeles residents with an interest in wellness services. We schedule services in the comfort and privacy of your home, hotel room, private jet, studio, or set — wherever your lifestyle takes you. We provide clients with in-home, customized intravenous drips, vitamin injections, doctors appointments, and more.


We value confidentiality and the privacy of our clients. Concierge LA vets all business partners to be individuals who uphold and abide by HIPPA guidelines and standards.

Alice Ploozian

Alice Ploozian the founder, grew up in a family of healthcare service providers. She witnessed firsthand how her family’s customized care positively impacted an individual. Alice found a void in the traditional, insurance-based healthcare market where private-pay clients had limited services available to them. She coveted to share her network of top clinicians with her niche clients, providing the ultimate luxury, ease of mind when it comes to healthcare. Whether it’s providing intravenous drips or injections for high-profile clients or coordinating immediate notice appointment with nationally acclaimed physicians, Alice always makes it happen.